Welcome to my private corner, I have been waiting for you.

Unconventional, unexpected, and utterly divine. 

I'm the woman you saw running her arse off at the gym this morning in those sexy yoga pants you like.

Beads of sweat trickling down to places you wish you follow.

You might have seen me dancing the night away with my girlfriends in Ibiza last night;

My mesmorizing hips swaying and a smile so brilliant it matched the hyponitic lights

Or perhaps you've observed me reading the latest issue of an entrepreneurial magazine waiting for my flight; sheer blouse, black pencil skirt, and pointed tip heels with stockings that ooze

"Come to Me"

A pen to the side of my lips as though I am practicing for something else later that night.

I am the woman you've been wanting, waiting, and lusting for.

The woman whose wanted you to come over and say hello in exchange for a sweet and sinister smile.

Well versed as I am always curious about others and the world around me.

Being a fiend for adventure you will find me vivacious, mysterious, & ethereal.

Oh & did I forget to mention that my sensual appetite is unmatched?

Why settle for anything less?...

Waiting for you,

Affinia x

British Charm & American Drive.


Sensual. Salacious. Sophisticated.



British Born, American Raised, I am the best of both English worlds. I was born in Central London where I was spent my youth before being adopted by my amazing southern Californian parents. 

Life was always an adventure for me filled with academic cultivation, multi-cultural exposure, and carefree capriciousness. These qualities I still carry in my core today along with an evolved finessed of womanhood. A mixture of silliness meets sophistication. 

In the last few years of my life, my modelling career, education, thirst for knowledge and travel have cultivated the woman you will meet. Witty tongue, charisma, and looks to kill there is no place I can't be. So take my hand and let's go on an unforgettable ride.

Kiss Me, 

Affinia x



Age: 27

Race:  Mixed Descent

Nationality: British & American

Eye Color: Brown/Hazel

Hair Color: Blonde

Build: Ballerina Body

Bust: 32 C (petite)

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 126lbs

Dress: UK 8 / US 6 (Small/Medium)

Shoe: 9.5 US / 40.5 - 41 EURO

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Travels: International

Smoker: No

LanguagesEnglish, Japanese, Spanish

Education: Cert. Cosmetologist


Color: Gold, Dark Purple, Red

Flower: White Roses

Scent: Rose (Jo Malone  - Red Roses)

Drink: Alberino Spanish Wine, Riesling

Food: Italian & Indian Cuisine

Music: Smooth Jazz & Neo-Soul

Shoe: Jimmy Choo & Sophia Webster

Clothing: House of CB & Neiman Marcus

Lingerie: Coco De Mur / Agent Provocateur.

Destination: Japan, Spanish Islands, Mauritius

Romantic Activity: Kissing & Holding Hands

Movies: Compelling Dramas, Comedy, Romantic

Caribbean Skin. Anglo Features. International Demure.


"Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight; For ne'er I saw true beauty till this night."

- Shakespeare



Couples Companion & Menage a Trois Enthusiast.

Couples friendly companion, I thoroughly enjoy entertaining a loving couple wanting to evolve their sensual passions!

There is an energy within a trio tryst that you simply can not find elsewhere or explain. It can only be experienced.

I love women and enjoying the company, caress, and carnal desire of them.

Mixing this feminine hedonism with a masculine energy, there is no curiosity that should be left unknown.

Take my hand and let's discover new sensually enchanting things together. 



The butterfly
perfuming its wings
fans the orchid

-Matsuo Basho

Sophie Kurosawa



We are all of us,
stars; and
we all deserve to twinkle

-Marilyn Monroe

Bryleigh of New York

Flattering compliments from admirers.


"What is in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."



"Drop Dead Gorgeous"


"Her lips were soft, full, and damn she's a great kisser. She excused herself to put away her pup and returned to share a glass of Pinot that I brought for her. We had a toast, drank, chatted a little bit and then before I knew it Affinia had dropped her sexy dress to reveal a curvy yet tight body with curves in all my favorite places and an ass that is worthy of worshiping and a perky chest to suckle"

TER Reviewer - DrSugar

June 2015

"The Best Experience I Have Had"


"In all the best experience I have had with an escort. Affinia is special..she not only wants to give total pleasure, but also gets real pleasure doing it. Enough that she really felt like My girlfriend that night. I will look to see her again on my next visit to NYC"

TER Reviewer - Orangeteddy

April 2016

"She is the definition of what it means to be an elite courtesan"


"Hands down the best escort experience I have had. "Elite companion" is the perfect description. Affinia has priced her services at the high end, so she only sees a selective few clients who will appreciate their time with her. She can now count me as one of them."

TAG Reviewer - ozjjj

Nov 2016